Meanings & Designs

Our greenstone designs are steeped in meaning and inspired by the art, culture, and beauty of New Zealand. Many pounamu meanings stem from historical accounts of Māori life and the rich mythological and spiritual beliefs that Māori hold. Learn more about greenstone meanings and designs.

Toki (Adze)

Once a tool wielded by Māori, the toki design carries deep symbolism associated with strength, courage, wisdom and ability.

Twist (Pikorua)

Symbolising the bond between two people, connecting the lives of friends, family or loved ones.

Koru (Spiral)

Resembling the unfurling frond of the native New Zealand silver fern, the koru connects us to new beginnings, hope for the future, and the good that will follow.

Hei Matau (Hook)

Steeped in Māori legend, the Hei Matau connects us to the ocean. It is said to bring strength, prosperity and protection on your travels.


The Heart is associated with unity, the expression of our true feelings and most loving connections.


A messenger and spiritual guardian of the sky, earth and sea. The Manaia brings balance and protection to those you love most.

Hei Tiki

The Hei Tiki represents the human form and one's ancestors. It links the past, present and future.

Niho (Tooth)

Thought to represent strength, leadership and resilience, the Niho (Tooth) design is commonly associated with two animals – the whale and the shark.


With no beginning and no end, the Disc represents the circle of life, symbolising the idea of unity and wholeness.

Roimata (Drop)

The Roimata holds a profound spiritual connection to the land and is believed to bring energy and power from the earth.



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