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Donna Summers

Donna Summers

Donna Summers embarked on her jade carving journey in 2019 after being encouraged by artist Ric Moor, her mentor and fellow carver. After spending four years at the prestigious Whitecliff College of Arts and Design, her passion for detail and love of the arts made the transition to jade carving a natural progression.

"Donna feels humbled to be a part of this profound process and recognizes the lasting impact her carvings can have on people's lives"

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Under Ric’s tutorship, Donna learned the fundamentals of carving, including shaping stone and understanding grain. Today, she continues to learn in his Greymouth studio, honing and developing her skills under his guidance and aspiring to establish her own home studio in the future. Donna's artistic style is ever-evolving and inspired by personal memories, nature, and the environment in which we live. When creating classic, contemporary or eclectic pieces, she tries to draw inspiration from things that make her happy, whether that's recollections of collecting seashells as a child or the beautiful bush surroundings of her childhood Northland farm.

She aims to create pieces that evoke sentimental connections, and the emotional resonance her work holds for others is one of the most fulfilling aspects of carving for Donna, as she cherishes the appreciation expressed by her customers. Knowing that her pieces will be treasured and passed down through generations brings her immense joy and a sense of purpose.

Facing challenges and self-doubt, Donna acknowledges the subjective nature of art and embraces the continuous learning process and vulnerability of sharing her art with the world. Looking ahead, she envisions a future filled with artistic exploration, including delving into specialized projects and creating one-of-a-kind pieces that push the boundaries of her craft. With an interest in silverwork and jewellery-making, she hopes to continue expanding her skills into new areas very soon.