Luke Gardiner

Luke Gardiner

Raised on the wild and rugged West Coast of New Zealand, Luke Gardiner still calls Hokitika home. This self taught artist, finds his inspiration in nature and has been re-creating it’s beauty in greenstone for over a decade. His connection with the wairua (spirit) of the land is evident in each of his designs, infusing his artwork with a peaceful, protective aura.


"Pounamu is a living, flowing stone and Luke’s goal is to enhance this energy, which he does very subtly, with the fluid lines and soft finish of his pieces"


Luke Gardiner

Artistic Process

A vital part of his artistic process is to carefully assess each piece of jade before he decides which design it will best suit. Flawlessness, colour flow, inner light and visual impact are all important, but his gift for retaining the ‘essence’ and ‘feeling’ which the raw jade holds, takes his work to a different plane. That his work ‘speaks’ to so many people is a tribute to his true love of pounamu and the deep respect he has for the spiritual energy it contains.


Luke Gardiner

Highest Quality

Luke produces pendants and sculptures of the highest quality. His reputation for fine craftsmanship and superb finishing ensures that when you buy one of Luke’s pieces you are purchasing a greenstone taonga worthy of being handed down through the generations.


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