Assorted Jades Feminine Fish Hook Necklace

Quite similiar to our thin fish hook, this feminine jade fish hook is different because its' point curls into a whaletail. Fish hook designs represent a connection to the sea, while whaletails represent the creatures that live in it, so this necklace would be perfect for a woman who loves the ocean and the animals the live there.

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Every piece of jade is unique, with subtle differences in colour, style, and translucency.

30mm (l) x 20mm (w)
40mm (l) x 22mm (w)

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100% Authentic

Every piece of New Zealand Pounamu we carve in our studios is legitimately sourced, while our independent carvers use their own legitimately sourced greenstone. We label our stone by region so you know if you buy something that says New Zealand, that is what you are getting.

Highest Standard

Each of our pieces are hand finished to the highest level. That means smooth lines, soft finishes, no scratches and no cuts. We’re over-finishers, everything’s made the hard way. If you are not completely happy with your piece, you can return it to us. That's our commitment to the quality we produce, and we stand by it.

Finest Stone

We’ve travel to some of the most beautiful countries in search of new types of jade, colours, textures and features. Our passion for this stone is strong. We have the most diverse collection of jade in the world to show for it and some of the finest examples of pounamu anywhere.

Hei Matau / Hook

Originally Maori wore useful implements on their person. The Hei Matau is a contemporary adornment and is said to bring prosperity, good health and safe travel across water. It is also used to signify one's connection to water.

Our Promise

Shipped to you in sustainable packaging

We post our jade in courier bags that are made from a revolutionary process that uses limestone (instead of trees) to make the paper. This process requires zero water with production compared to paper, where a standard sheet of A4 uses approximately 10 litres of water. The bag is also 100% recyclable, commercially compostable and photodegradable. We have also opted for recycled and recyclable material for our brown shipping boxes, which we pack-out with recycled brown paper, not bubble wrap.

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