Corded Necklaces

We craft traditional New Zealand greenstone necklaces (pendants), working with the largest collection of New Zealand artists. Our pendants and necklaces are finished to the highest quality, each jade pendant lovingly carved by hand.
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Jade and Greenstone (pounamu), Toki

Toki (Adze)

Today when worn around the neck, the toki is associated with mana (strength) and honour.
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Drops (Roimata) Necklaces

Drops (Roimata)

Elongated drop pendant designs, both unbound and lashed pounamu drop necklaces.
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Jade and Greenstone (pounamu) Twists

Twist (Pikorua)

Resembling two intertwined pikopiko ferns, a modern design symbolising the human bond.
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Jade and Greenstone (pounamu), Koru

Koru (Spiral)

Resembling the unfurling frond of the native New Zealand fern, the spiral depicts new beginnings.
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Jade and Greenstone (pounamu), Hei Matau

Hook (Hei Matau)

The fish hook signifies connection to the water and denotes safe travel, prosperity and good health.
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Jade and Greenstone (pounamu), share sets

Same Stone / Share Sets

Beautiful pieces from the same stone, to be shared by loved ones and connect them even when they are apart.
Jade and Greenstone (pounamu), Hearts


Heart designs are often associated with feelings and meanings of love, unity, and cohesion.
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Jade and Greenstone (pounamu), ferns and whaletails

Ferns (NZ Nature)

One-off designs from our artists inspired by our great ocean, native birdlife and forest, including ferns.
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Jade and Greenstone (pounamu), Hei Tiki

Hei Tiki

The Hei Tiki represents the human form and one's ancestors. It links the past, present and future.
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Jade and Greenstone (pounamu), Manaia


Widely accepted as a tribal guardian; the head of a bird, the body of a man, and the tail of a fish.
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Breastplates Necklaces


Pounamu breastplates and shields represent strength and protection. Many designs incorporate other emblems such as the koru.
Tooth (Niho) Necklaces

Tooth (Niho)

By wearing a 'tooth' of the shark, it is thought to impart some of this resilience onto the wearer.
Disc Necklaces


A collection of beautifully balanced circle necklaces, designed to let the stone speak.
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