Pikorua (Twist)

Symbolising the bond between two people, the pikorua is steeped in meaning, connecting the lives of friends, family and loved ones.

Pikorua and sealed envelope

The Meaning of the Twist

The Twist, or pikorua in Māori, is a contemporary pounamu design with origins in the native New Zealand landscape, where it is said to depict two intertwining pikopiko fern fronds. The meaning of the pounamu Twist is that it connects the spirit of friends, family and loved ones, bringing them closer together even when they're apart.

The Pikorua symbolises always being with one another regardless of where your journey takes you.


Pikorua (Twist) Necklaces

The Pikorua design comes from the pikopiko fern whose fronds curl around one another in New Zealand native bushscapes.

Pikorua among handwritten letters
Woman wearing Pikorua necklace in the forest


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