Mountain Jade and the Village Goldsmith

news - 05,Mar,2018

Mountain Jade and The Village Goldsmith


We've been working behind the scenes on a project with The Village Goldsmith, bringing our precious material, together with theirs. 

Through our many years of working with Jade, we have collected stones that are truly incredible, and we thought deserved an extra special treatment and finish. 

This project seemed to be the perfect fit, where we had the opportunity to sculpt some beautiful and inspired pieces of jade, to be set with stunning gold accompaniments. These pieces are the epitome of careful craftsmanship, and we are excited to share the process with you. 

The Village Goldsmith are another New Zealand run business, putting quality at the forefront of their design and process. Partnering with them meant we could bring our ideas and backgrounds together, to create some truly premium and exceptional pieces of jade jewellery.