Introducing our Limited Edition Gold Bale Range

news - 08,Mar,2019

Introducing our Limited Edition Gold Bale Range


Here at Mountain Jade, we are excited to be able to share with you our new Gold Bale Range.

For three generations we’ve been pushing creative boundaries, to produce hand-carved jade art that references the stones cultural past. Our pieces are always finished to the highest possible level and we are proud of this commitment to the craft, to achieve something truly special the hard way. 

This unparalleled approach to perfection has taken our work to new heights and its only fitting that we explore ways to push further, defining a new standard for artisan greenstone jewellery.

We have reserved the finest quality, most translucent New Zealand greenstone we have in our carving studio and commissioned some of our preeminent artists to produce a limited edition set of designs.

Greenstone Gold Bale Twists

Beautiful feminine lines, balance and perfect symmetry define these exquisite designs. The pursuit for the finest quality is at the heart of what we do and we have complimented each piece with a solid gold bale, or 18ct diamond studded gold bale.

This limited-edition collection brings together the finest elements to create statement pieces of New Zealand jewellery excellence.

Greenstone Koru and Gold