Embracing new beginnings

news - 04,Feb,2019

Embracing new beginnings


In Chinese culture, giving and receiving gifts is an instrument for building close relationships and meaningful connections with friends and family. A gift demonstrates a token of respect, love or appreciation, a commitment to cultivating a close bond to another. 

Exchanging gifts during Chinese New Year is common etiquette to wish loved ones good luck and fortune for the upcoming year. Also known as Spring Festival, it is the most important holiday in China, and for Chinese people around the world. The holiday marks the end of the coldest winter days and embraces the start of spring and what the new season has to bring: harvests, flourishing blossoms, warmer days and new beginnings.

Jade is an especially popular choice of gift during this celebratory period, as it is deeply woven into Chinese culture - a precious stone, with a spiritual, magical and protective significance that dates back to ancient times. It is believed to protect the holder from evil, rid them of their negative thoughts and ward off the curse of bad luck - restoring balance and harmony - bringing calm in the midst of a storm.

More so, jade is seen as a truly exquisite gift to give due to its extreme beauty. Lovers of jade in China search for pure, translucent stones, with deep green colourations and as few imperfections as possible. Imperial Jade is among the most revered jades in China, and easily the most expensive variety of jade in the world. It is so extremely beautiful that the Chinese believe it embodies the aspirations of mankind - elegance, tranquillity, purity and virtue. 

Undoubtedly, China has one of the oldest and most extensive histories intertwined with jade. Lovers of the stone for over 8000 years, no other culture has cherished and revered nephrite continuously, and so intensely, for so long.

Today, Chinese men and women wear jade jewellery not only for good luck and protection but to express their individuality, carefully selecting designs and styles most reflective of their personality. Our carvers are constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to creating contemporary designs and we now have a range which includes 18ct gold and sterling silver necklaces, rings and earrings, which are particularly loved by our Chinese customers. 

When gifting jade pendants, it’s important to consider the individual qualities of the recipient and think deeply about the meanings and messages that you’d like your gift to convey. The hei matau is a beautifully stylized fish hook, with origins in Māori legend, believed to bring prosperity and good health - a fitting Spring Festival gift for a mother or father. A traditional hei tiki pendant, symbolising protection and good luck, maybe the ideal gift for a son or daughter. Or to simply convey your feelings of love, a New Zealand flower jade heart pendant will say what words can often fail to express.


Whether you are gifting jade for the traditional beliefs it beholds, or for it’s one of a kind beauty, we hope that you find the perfect piece to pass on your best wishes this Chinese New Year.