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New Zealand Greenstone

Medium Hei Tiki Necklace

$2,680.00 NZD
Stone: Sourced from New Zealand


Carved from New Zealand jade

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Shaped by the hands of Brent Scott

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In Maori mythology Tiki personifies primeval man. He was the first man created – a kind of Maori Adam – the offspring of Tane, chief of the sons of Rangi and Papa (the Sky Father and the Earth Mother). Generally speaking, all carvings that resemble the human form, regardless of their sex, may be called tiki. They were most commonly carved in wood, however when carved in jade and worn around the neck were regarded as taonga of the highest order. Taonga worthy of being passed down for generations. Some wooden tiki served as dwelling places for ancestral spirits, while others served as the vehicles of gods and other supernatural entities, this is evident, however when carved in jade, modern scholars agree that their meaning is far more unclear. Hopefully over time scholars will uncover more information about what they represented and continue to represent in Maori culture.


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