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interviews - 13,Feb,2016

Jade Artist Audio Series Launched

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As you may know, we have the privilege of working with some of New Zealand’s most talented jade artists. Each has a distinct carving style, with design tendencies and carving techniques which are their own. When you look at their work and see their jade art designs, you have a direct insight into the personality of that carver, but its only part of the 'artist picture.'


Get to know our artists

You can view each of our artists profiles, see the differences in their work as well as a great photo of them sitting in their workshops, but that's where your insight into who they are ends. We want you to become better acquainted with our artists, and so what we've done is started recording small Q&A's with each. This will give you an insight into who they are, where they came from, what they stand for, and why they carve the way they do.


Available now

Listen to Nick Ford talk about how he got started in carving.

Listen to Niki Nepia talk about what inspires his carving.

Robert Singer reveals where his carving creativity comes from.

Kristy Wilson shares why she chose the jade carving path.


Coming soon

Gary Fairbrother and Hokitika local talks about greenstone from his backyard.

Luke Gardiner shares the secret of his inspiration.


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