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interviews - 07,Jan,2016

Audio Series: Jade Art by Sheree Warren

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Recently I was lucky enough to travel down New Zealand's West Coast. Along the way I met a lovely woman by the name of Sheree Warren. She tutors the Jade & Hard Stone Carving course at Greymouths Tai Poutini Polytechnic and carves greenstone whenever she gets the time.

I sat down on a rainy Greymouth day in her workshop and listened as she told me about the first time she encountered a piece of jade and the enduring effect it has had on her life and career. It was a river worn pebble, and her carving story begins the moment she picked it up and realised what it was. Listen to the audio or read the transcript below.



Tell me how you began carving jade.

I found a little piece on the beach, and I thought that's me really. Yeah...I came down here from Auckland and I engraved when I was up there and I engraved these little broaches from, I think it was the the Greenstone factory back then. And I had to use my little tools that weren't designed at all for greenstone, and thought wow, this is a bit of a challenge, this stuff's pretty cool. Next thing I was hitching my way out of Auckland and ended up all the way down here and found this little piece of greenstone on the beach in its natural environment and I was like wow, hey, maybe this is what I want to do....

What inspires your carving?

I've always been quite intrigued with forms in nature and how things evolve and how that can relate to us as people, as human beings. So alot of my unique work is influenced by forms that are found in nature and reproduced and evolved as I carve them. Because. I mean. the stone has been around for millions of years, and here we are as human beings coming along and changing it, so I believe if we are going to do that we need to do it justice, and hopefully by finding other forms in nature to help influence that, that helps.