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interviews - 06,Jan,2016

Audio Series: Jade Art by Nick Ford

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We headed to our Rotorua carving studio to sit down with jade artist Nick Ford and ask him three quick questions about his jade art and carving. We wanted to learn a little more about what motivates him to create the hard way, by hand. He's a close friend, one of our longest standing craftsmen, a quiet man, who when away from work loves riding his motorbike, his faith, and spending time pottering around his home workshop. Listen to the audio below or read the transcript.



How and why did you begin jade carving?

I was a groundsman at one stage of my life and I carved a rock. I started playing around with rocks that were in the garden and...ummmm...then one day my daughter came home from school with a...she did a little bone carving...and it was broken, so I had a go at fixing it up and I...I enjoyed it and just carried on doing that for awhile and really enjoyed the whole process of carving.

I’ve tried building things with clay and things like that, and I kind of like that aswell but I think I prefer to take stuff away rather than build it up and I’ve always wanted to carve stone, especially pounamu. But yeah, I couldn’t get my head around getting all the resources I needed to do it, and yeah, so the opportunity came up and I’m here.

Explain what your carvings are like.

I like organic forms, so I don’t know, I suppose that’s what I try to lean to. I hate symmetrical kinds of things. I feel nausea when I’m around them.

Of all the carvings you've completed lately, what’s your favorite?

I think I’m never happy with anything that I produce. That’s a reality. I don’t go, ‘wow that’s really awesome!’

I, in the stages of carving, I think, oh that’s pretty cool and I really like it but then I think oh nah its crap and then I do it again and when I’m finished it I’m just like over it. You know I always think I could do better, I want to do better. So yeah it’s hard for me to say that I know...hold that one carving above any other one.

I don’t know. Ask me that in a few years time bro. I don’t know, maybe I need to get a...what do you call it? A spin doctor.

A what?

Spin doctor.

Whats that?

Those people that write stuff for presidents (laughs), so it sounds all good and everything, like ohh that guys onto it.