Bespoke Greenstone Design Competition Winner | Mountain Jade New Zealand

news - 24,Apr,2017

Bespoke Greenstone Design Competition Winner


Our latest competition set out to gift a bespoke jade pendant to one of our loyal customers. The lucky winner was able to choose the greenstone design and the stone out of a selection and have one of our talented jade artists, Tamaora Walker, craft it especially for them. 

Abi sun was the lucky winner and she was beyond ecstatic to have won this prize, carefully selecting which design resonated with her the most and which stone she wanted to have it carved with.

In the end, she chose a stone of the Kawakawa variety. This is the darkest form of pounamu and can range from a rich medium green to a dark black green, containing black spots throughout the stone. The one she selected had a beautiful gradient of colour.

The design she chose was a twist. With its winding points coming together, it can signify the twists and turns in someone’s life or an unbreakable bond with another person. The particular design she selected also features a manaias’ eye, which is known as a protecting guardian form.

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