Black Jade Jewellery designs that remind Aussie expats of home

We deliver black jade jewellery throughout Australia each week in under five working days. Pictured here is Australias capital, Canberra.


The famous laneways of Melbourne, an area made up of people who value craft and art. We deliver here alot.


The people of Sydney love what we craft and create. From day one they have supported us and what we are striving to do. Their preference? Black jade and New Zealand jade.

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3 Black Jade Jewellery designs that remind Aussie expats of home



Australian expats on their OE are known to be fiercely proud of their country and their country’s sporting prowess wherever their new home is. Wearing Australian Black Jade jewellery, (pendants in particular) or black jade earrings can be one way of expressing your pride in a subtle and personal way. The stone is unique to the sands of Western Australia and is part of your national identity. We know kiwis wear our pounamu carvings to remember and celebrate home, so whether you decide to wear it subtly as an everyday reminder of home, or as a fashion accessory, we have you covered with exclusive black jade designs designed and crafted by us. Below are three popular designs for Aussie expats and six reasons why Mountain Jade jewellery is the better choice than whats on offer by other jade merchants.


Black Jade Twist Necklace

This Australian Black Jade twist is a symbol of eternity and represents the joining of two individuals through friendship and love. It's said that if the two individuals travel seperate paths in life, leaving one another, they will be drawn together again, just like the arms of its design. It's a great carving to gift to a family member before they leave Australia, or as a keepsake reminder of home. It hangs on an strong black nylon cord which is adjustable in length and costs $128NZD. We send it with a small meaning card so the recipient can learn about its symbolism. The process of discovering the 'meaning' is very important to us here at Mountain Jade.

black jade twist

Black Jade & silver necklace

There is something timeless about silver jewellery with semi-precious stones. If silver is your preferred type of jewellery then we have a large number of pendant designs with silver to choose from including the spiral and silver pendant below. Use the refine menu on that page to help you find the right necklace.

black jade koru

Black Jade earrings

One of our artists Hannah Sheehan is an expert at crafting modern black jade jewellery designs. The earrings below are a perfect example, shaped into three dimensional diamonds and hung on silver hook fittings. They are small and very feminine. If you're searching for something exclusive spend some time browsing Hannahs artist profile. She also takes commissions, so if you see a carving you like that isin't from black jade, get in touch and we can organize it for you.

black jade earrings

6 Reasons aussie expats choose us

1. We ship black jade jewellery to Australia for $16 (on average - depends on the shipping speed you select at checkout) for delivery within 5 working days.

2. We regularly deliver Australian black jade jewellery to Aussies living all over the world. Read our shipping FAQs.

3. We can ship to most destinations outside Australia within 14 working days (excludes Russia).

4. When you land on our website the currency automatically changes to AUD via a live exchange rate converter. 

5. You shop with us GST free (New Zealand goods and services tax) if you are shipping outside of New Zealand, saving 15% on your order total.

6. We gift wrap your jewellery for free, making it the ideal gift for family and friends.


Please get in touch if you have any questions you need us to help with, or browse the reviews on our Facebook page to get a better picture of the products we craft and services we provide.

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