Sheree Warren / Jade Artist | Mountain Jade New Zealand


Sheree Warren

At the age of 18 Sheree decided to drive the length of New Zealand, familiarizing herself with parts of the country that were personally unknown. She fell in love with the rugged charm of the West Coast and the immense creativity of the people there.  While her friends surfed, she walked the beaches and found her first piece of pounamu. She didn’t realize, but it was a find that would decide the direction of her jade art for the next 17 years.

Assessment of the raw stone is very important to Sheree. Her carvings evolve from the unique characteristics of each piece of pounamu. Understanding its flaws and strengths dictates the final piece of art that can be created and the steps needed to be get there. Her work is defined by a feminine, fluid aesthetic.

In recent months her talent has been acknowledged, and she now tutors hard stone carving in Greymouth at Tai Poutini Polytechnic. She is committed to helping the next generation of New Zealand jade carvers.

Sheree Warren is a jade artist at Mountain Jade New Zealand.