John Sheehan Jnr / Jade Artist | Mountain Jade New Zealand


John Sheehan Junior

Award-winning jade carver John Sheehan Junior may be young in years, but his father’s passion for jade and his fascination with carving was passed on to John Junior as a youngster. At just 18 years of age he won a major prize in the illustrious Mana Pounamu Contemporary Awards.

Being part of a strong family tradition of jade carvers also means that John has been exposed to many career-enriching experiences in Canada, China, Japan and Germany.

Inspired by jade’s strength, translucency, colours and tactile nature, John’s approach to jade carving is to push the limits of the stone and seek satisfaction in designs that reflect his Irish and English heritage. Ancient Celtic patterns infused with the traditional Maori designs of his homeland offer a personalised ‘visual language’ that brings the outstanding designs of the young craftsman to life.