Jacob Sheehan / Jade Artist | Mountain Jade New Zealand


Jacob Sheehan

The youngest of the three Sheehan brothers to follow in his father’s footsteps, Jacob Sheehan learnt to carve jade at a very early age. However it wasn’t until he completed his university studies that he began carving full-time.

Based at Mountain Jade’s Rotorua jade carving workshop, Jacob loves being innovative. Although his particular interest lies in the creative process of making jade jewellery rather than purely on the stone itself; he believes mastery of the artisans’ skills is crucial as a solid foundation on which to build the art he likes creating.

Putting his personal twist on the company’s established pendant designs, Jacob’s work is recognisable by the fluid curves that impart a wonderful softness and sensuality to the more edgy, contemporary pieces he fashions from a stone with the hardness of steel.