Aaron Brown / Jade Artist | Mountain Jade New Zealand


Aaron Brown

Creative, unique and lively, Aaron Brown creates striking carvings from Cambridge, New Zealand. 

He has a deep love for nature, and his work naturally reflects this, consisting of birds, leaf forms, and insects, alongside abstract patterns inspired by nature. 

With his background in commercial sculpting for the toy and hobby industry, Aaron’s detailing and attention to scale are an important characteristic of his pieces. He is known for using mixed media with his sculptures, helping create a balance in scale. “Metal is a familiar medium for me, it’s easier to sculpt finer details like legs with.”

He loves the challenge of representing something realistic with his carving, capturing a small aspect of the subject's personality within the stone. 

Alongside his more realistic forms, he loves taking the more basic forms with a toki or leaf shape, working with the stone to try get it finer, cleaner and more pleasing to the eye. 

His carvings are beautiful pieces where attention to detail comes first.