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Mountain Jade

Our story begins in 1986 with John David Sheehan,
our father, an American entrepreneur.

We’re a small, family-run business made up of crafters and carvers. Starting in 1986 as a tiny flicker in founder John David Sheehan’s mind, we’ve grown from humble roots to become a leader in the creation of hand-crafted jade carvings. While we’ve grown since those early days that John spent hunched over in his single man workshop, Mountain Jade is still run by us, the Sheehan family.

For three generations we’ve shaped jade by hand into designs that do two things; reference the stone’s cultural past and explore a future that’s less familiar. That flicker John had all those years ago now burns brightly, and everything we do is imbued with that flame.

Our team of jade carvers is spread across Aotearoa and overseas, with craftsmen as far away as China helping us to connect with customers around the world. Closer to home, the family legacy continues with us, John Junior and Jacob, following in our father's footsteps, continuing to evolve the diverse Mountain Jade brand. Despite our different backgrounds and geographic barriers, we’re all focused on one goal: forming beautiful products from the best quality jade we can find. Our pieces are an extension of who we are as a company and what we want to become.

We’re connected to the jade we use and love spending time in a workshop, creating something from nothing. While we’re industry leaders when it comes to creating jade carvings, we still ensure each and every piece we deliver is crafted to our own high standards. Pushing creative boundaries is important to us, but you’ll always find classic designs amongst our pieces. It’s this blend of heritage and future that excites us most.

“We carve life into stone.”

As we’ve grown, we’ve travelled to some of the most beautiful countries in search of new types of jade, colours, textures and features. Our passion for this stone is strong and we are constantly looking for new ways we can create. We’ve sought out jade in the wilds of Canada and remote Sayan mountains of Siberia, the dangerous country of Yemen, arid deserts of Australia and lush wilderness of New Zealand’s South island. After exploring them all we now have the most diverse collection of jade in the world to show for it.

Each of our pieces are hand finished to the highest level. That means smooth lines, soft finishes, no scratches and no cuts. Our products are individual and unique, with merits and quirks helping to shape their stories. We’re over-finishers, everything’s made the hard way.

You’ll find our carvings, sculptures and jewellery in five New Zealand retail stores and right here online.