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The Chinese have been carvers and lovers of jade for over 8000 years. No other culture has revered nephrite continuously, so extensively and so intensely for so long. 

The main sources of jade that have been used for over 3000 years lie in the province of Xinjian in Western China, from several of the rivers that drain the Kunlun Mountains on the southern edge of the Taklamakan Desert near the famous oasis city of Kohtan on the Southern Silk Route.

The Chinese jade we source is a beautiful bright translucent green scattered with small black spots. When held to the light is glows an irridescent green and when carved has an even consistency due to its tight structure. Interestingly this stone isn't actually popular in China. Many Chinese customers search for pure stones with even bright colourations and as few inclusions or imperfections as possible as this is what they value most. The pure white or 'mutton fat' jade that comes from China is the most popular and easily the most expensive variety of jade in the world. 

Their jade grading system is similiar to that of diamonds in that it's governed by strict guides of clarity, translucence, colour and hardness among others. 


Green Jade

Bright green in colour / Features small black spots throughout / Known as 'kiwifruit' stone / Has small whitish rivers running through flesh / Can be polished