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British Columbia

British Columbia is the largest source of nephrite jade in the world.

Jade deposits begin in the south near Hope in British Columbia and extend northwest to the Alaskan border in the Yukon territory. The various major occurences are grouped into several mining areas, such as Lillooet, Omineca, Cassiar, and Yukon Territory, all of which have been, or are, currently mined commercially.

Jade from the Cassiar and Yukon mining areas are characterised by light and dark green tones smattered with small black chromite spots and opaque glassy veins. It’s relatively translucent with high grade specimens being among the most translucent in the world. We source most of our Canadian jade from these areas, and love the even carving grain of the material.

The best five percent of this stone is some of the most expensive and sought after in the world and we reserve this material for carvings and jewels of only the most innovative design. The most unique pieces we hold on to as specimens that we use to educate in our workshop tours.