Greenstone Heart Meaning | Mountain Jade New Zealand

Greenstone heart designs are often associated with feelings and meanings of love, unity, and cohesion.

The Meaning

We feel a quickened heartbeat in our chest when we see a loved one walk through our front door after months of separation, to a drop in our heart when we hear terrible news. There is a clear connection between the physical sensations of our body and the emotions that arise in response to the world.

This clear, real connection, between the feeling in our 'hearts' when we experience emotion is why greenstone heart shapes are given to express our feelings. Give them to those you care for, those with 'big hearts.' People who are selfless individuals that deserve to be reminded that your life and the lives of those around you, are better off with them in it.

Choosing a heart pendant

Explore our greenstone heart designs to find one which resonates with you. Does a particular heart shape bring forth a memory? Does the stone it's carved from evoke memories of our West Coasts' wild bushscapes, or the glaciers of Franz Joseph?  Does it remind you of someone? Ask yourself these questions and you'll find the right greenstone heart. Keep in mind, our 'meanings' are open to interpretation. We don't intend them to be prescriptive. 

How to carve

Learn about how we craft jade, a time consuming, exacting process that requires patience and skill.

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Types of Jade

The world's jade sources are found in spectacular scenic environments and are formed by the same forces that create mountains. We've explored them for over twenty years searching for jade pieces that excite us.

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Meanings and Designs

Our designs are a homage to the art, design, and culture of New Zealand. Their meanings stem from historical accounts of Maori life and the rich mythological and spiritual beliefs they held.

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